A Mother’s Day Tribute

You are wonderful woman. The easy thing to say is I am here because of you being my mom.

The important thing to say is I am who I am today because of you being a woman I look up to.

In choosing this picture of you concentrating, it reminds me how brilliant your mind is, how creative your soul is, how caring your heart is, and how loving you are in God’s graces. And, thank God you chose to pass along a lot of grace to me over the years.

As a mom of a high school student, and me being your last one of many kids, you worked nights my senior year yet somehow managed to take a college class and still support my final activities. I remember presenting you and Dad for the Honorary Chapter Farmer Award, one of the few things I did right during my trials of independence of my senior year. That year had to take a lot of prayers and grace (although I’m sure there was a sibling or two that took a whole lot more to get them through – LOL!)

I did not truly appreciate what you gave to me as a mom until I became a mom pursuing my own dreams in life. I remember you driving all the way out to Scottsbluff to watch me compete as a young careerist, still being my cheerleader even as an adult. One heart-wrenching moment was when I had been with Katie in the hospital for almost a week, and you came and stayed with her so I could run to class and go home to take a shower. When I returned, you were not just with Katie, you were in the tent with Katie. There could not have been a more perfect moment for my mom to say “I got this! I got you!! You can keep going!!!”

Then I became a Gammy to two beautiful children, and began to appreciate so much more about you when I saw what it was like on the grandma side of life. I thought you were a wonderful grandma, and appreciated you so much watching Katie while Scott & I took college classes. I thought you were doing it for Katie, but now I realize that being a mom doesn’t stop when your daughter becomes a mom. You were doing it so I could continue to fulfill my dreams, my calling, and develop my God given talents while balancing the responsibilities of motherhood.

You know what it is like to have big dreams and a big purpose in life. You lived that out in so many ways, and I got to watch you from the front row most of my life. I got to watch you take time to picnic and camp as a family.

I watched you as you visited elderly relatives and made sure they knew they were remembered. I watched you as you dressed us kids up and performed service for others.

I watched and listened as you played the piano to relax and fill your creativeness.

I watched as you worked so hard to make each holiday magical for each child. Now, I watch you create and live out your artistic passions.

I watched you mom, and you inspire me to be who I am today.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I love you!

And Happy Heavenly Mother’s Day to your mom, who watches over you from Heaven and is so proud of the mom, grandma, and great-grandma you have become, and the daughter you were to her.

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