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Ever wonder how people attract all the great things to their life? How a person attracts friends, money, the perfect job? Come participate in a 4 session class + 1 night party where you will practice and learn how the great thought leaders of our time bring magic and miracles into their lives, and how you can manifest them too. 

This class meets on April 11, 13, 18, 20, and the bonus night April 27.   All classes will use zoom. The cost is $18/session, and if you attend the first four, you get a gift of April 27 for free.  You will receive four one hour classes, a journal to use hard copy or electronically, a private Facebook Community to inspire you and others, and a bonus party night to share our dream boards. The class is only limited to 8 people, so reserve your spot now at https://forms.gle/4hMEKziE2pddq7zz5. 

Jax Dreams of Heave book, and Jax and Friends Adventures game is now available. Just click on the picture to reach the order form.