Author My Day L.L.C. started in August 2022 as a rural Nebraska company serving a nation-wide audience. We focus on education and motivation moving people of all ages towards courage to create the future they desire. This goal happens by collaborating with you on consulting, educational classes, motivational speaking, and coaching individuals as well as groups and teams. We also are launching products throughout 2022 and 2023, for professionals, adults, families, and children. Stay tuned as we keep making an impact in your life and those around you.

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“Tammy is an outstanding strategic marketing expert and provided us with strategic and actionable recommendations that enabled us to make immediate improvements in our lead generation activity, sell more to existing clients, and identify and approach new customers. Tammy is a pleasure to work with and is engaging and dynamic in our one-on-one consultations. I highly recommend Tammy and Author My Day!” – Ann Griesheim, 8 to Great, Director of Operations