Books are shipping November 14-18, 2022

Jax Dreams of Heaven is a children’s book providing HOPE while helping children cope with loss and allowing families a way to talk about and work through the grief.  

Book your author school visit for November or December 2022 

Each Nebraska School wishing to book me in November or December will receive a $450 gift certificate to apply to their school visit. 

Jax & Friends

Jax & Friends is a series of children’s books which will help children find coping skills for everyday childhood challenges. We plan to release one-two books per year.  Meet Jax, the perpetual 4 year old doggie, his friend Lucky the Lab, Betsy the Basset Hound, and Fluffy Buffy. Through fun storylines children find coping skills their doggie friends use. 

Jax & Friends Adventure Game

Update: Game to Release in November!

A game where each player moves their doggie on the pathway to play with their friends at the Dog Park by rolling a color cube. Land on a paw, and have some fun by interacting with other players.  

Personal Coaching Tips

Making a change each week toward balancing your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health.  Book expected release date is January 2023. Until the book comes out, please visit my Facebook page and get weekly coaching tips.

Are you a children’s book author or illustrator?

Do you want a collaborator on developing your lesson plan for school or library visits? Schedule a 1 hour collaboration and planning session for $50.