Motivational Speaking

“Mrs. Stuhr did a fantastic job presenting to the Jr-Sr. High students in my class during our career day at Sutton Public School!  She has a special talent for relating to teens.  When I asked my students the next day about which presentations they attended and which was their favorite, the students thought Mrs. Stuhr’s session was one of the best.”

ProgramDelivery OptionsDescriptionAudience
Making the Best of YOU Better!In-Person or ZOOMYou know you have it in you. You just aren’t sure how to bring out your best, and the best in others around you. Discover the inner thoughts that lead to outer courage.
Servant Leadership – How do YOU Rate?In-PersonDo you know what your leadership qualities are? What about your servant leadership traits? Take a survey and find out where you are, and steps to grow your servant leadership characteristics.
Ethics in BusinessIn-PersonMany business leaders and employees look for the right answer, as if life gives a grade. Life does not give you a grade, so how do you move from grades to working effectively? Find our how ethics is the foundation to build your customer service and relations plan.
Conflict ResolutionIn-Person or ZOOMThe absence of conflict means keeping the status quo. Do you want to grow?  Then discover competencies (skills + knowledge = action) to manage yourself in conflict. You and those around you will gain confidence in managing conflict.
Teaching Kids Conflict ResolutionIn-Person or ZOOMDeveloped your own confidence in handling conflict, and now you want to teach it to the kids in your life? This class will give you five techniques to teach youth to grow their confidence in handling conflict.
Touch of the Master’s HandIn-PersonFeeling in a funk? Wondering where to go next? Does God really have you in the palm of His hand? Be inspired to awaken God’s touch, and become more aware of how He is working in your life.Spiritual Audiences, Adults, Teens
Getting High NaturallyIn-PersonI know what your thinking, and so do many young people. Today’s society says chemicals are needed to experience the great endorphin release; however, research shows there are many natural experiences without chemicals to get that high – let’s get started on a path to wire the brain to desire a high without ATOD useTeenagers, and their Parents
Losing My Voice to Finding My VoiceThis is my personal story of COVID stealing my voice for 43 days, and how I used the powerful process for positive change to come out better not bitter on the other side. I’ll share some steps you can take to get in touch with your inner voice while still being able to use your outer voice to have the life you desire.