Personal Coaching

Are you interested in having a personal coach? We will schedule a 15-20 minute free interview to discover the best fit to keep you on your best path towards your life’s destination. Email Tammy Stuhr at, or call 402-643-1330.

“Tammy!! You made a huge impact on my life! I’m very thankful your encouragement during my youth. It changed the trajectory of my life for the better.”

Upcoming programs for Up-Coaching Teams, People or Individuals

  • Real Colors
  • Miracles, Magic, & Magnificent Manifestations
  • On Target to Health & Wealth
  • Dream Your Stress Away
  • Bringing Joy Into Your Life
  • Dreamers Who Do
  • Time to Get Unstuck, Moving Your Life Forward
  • Finding the Path to Your Dreams
  • Budgeting – Where to even begin?
  • Flip the Script- Start Your Story featuring You