Project Development Consulting

Set up a free 20-minute consultation to discover how we can move your ideas and projects forward. Email Tammy Stuhr at your idea, or give us a call at 402-643-1330.

Curriculum Development

People are waiting for your great educational, training, or inspiring lessons to help them in life. Author My Day can collaborate with you to develop your idea into lessons, lessons into curricula, and curricula into teaching and training methods. People await your great ideas.

Marketing Plans

Build it and they will come!  If only it was that easy. A marketing plan will help you discover the audience you are trying to reach and the best way to reach them. Let’s collaborate to focus your marketing plan.

Project or Program Development

Do you have a great idea and need a blueprint of where to go next, and next, and then next? Author My Day can collaborate with you to grow your idea into reality.

Stepping Towards the Goal

The first step is the hardest they say. Do you have a goal but not sure where or maybe how to begin? Check in with Author My Day to collaborate with you at the start line, and then check-in when you need to take the next step.


Your project or program is in production and evaluating is critical to moving your ideas forward. Author My Day can collaborate with you to develop an evaluation plan and the tools to carry it out.

Fund-Raising Campaigns

Do you have a project and need to raise funds? Author My Day can help you establish a plan and advise you and your team to carry out the plan to reach your target amount.

Grant Writing

You are fund-raising and discover grants are the best match to raise your dollars and in-kind donations. Let me help you discover grants to apply for and collaborate on writing. 

Building a Team

Have a crew, but would like them to work as a team? Let’s discover how to move the idea of teamwork forward in your organization or business.

Character in the Workplace

In today’s world, character can be confusing to new employees or employees who are ‘safe-guarding’ the past. This training helps each person understand what working with character looks like in the workplace and how to make ethical decisions, especially the tough ones, where there is more than one right answer.

8 to Great

Need to change an environment? We have the powerful process for positive change ready for you. We have a mini-training on moving up the power pyramid, or the full training on all 8 High-Ways. Our CEO is a certified 8 to Great trainer.

Teaching Non-Teachers to Teach and Train

We all need good trainers in our organizations and businesses. Consider this 3-hour class to have your employees, volunteers, or members learn basic teaching and training techniques to be effective with the next generation.

Dream Projects – Putting all the Pieces Together

Do you have a dream, but not sure how to move it towards goals? Do you have an idea you want to move forward and need someone to be accountable to? Let me help you put the pieces together to make the dream a reality.