My First Children’s Book – Check!

“Aspiring Children’s Book Author” has been my been my Twitter call-sign since 2013. Seven years later, I finally ‘published’ my first children’s book, The Overall Book. I wrote it under the pen name ‘Gammy Tammy’, and only one copy was printed. Why?

My grandson inspired me. I realized he was only going to turn 2 once in his life. He is in love with overalls, and there are many men and women from generations past who wore overalls just like my grandson does now. I went through many family photo albums to find just the right pictures to tell the story of the great people who wore overalls, along with their missions in life of where they wore overalls. One of my favorite pictures is my Grandpa Pape standing in front of his airplane in his overalls and leather jacket. This made a full, middle spread in the book.

Between a pandemic, and watching the grandchildren change right before my eyes, time seems to have more of a preciousness about it. A preciousness that inspires me to get on top of finishing the other 17 books I have started but not finished. I believe God has gave me the opportunities to author one-of-a-kind books for my loved ones, so I can learn lessons and improve my abilities before writing for the children of the world.

When my daughter sent me this picture of my grandson reading his overalls book, I realized I’m not writing for the children of the world, I’m writing for my grandchildren, and there just may be someone else in the world that God will choose to find my writing some day. Someone who needs just that message at that time.

Now I ask God to author my days, so I may carve out the time to be the author for another generation, inspired by the generations before me.

2 thoughts on “My First Children’s Book – Check!

  1. I wish I had 17 done. I actually just have the 17 books in “The Life of Jax” series penned. My next step is to start on lay-out. Then to the illustrator! I’m hoping to get the lay out done on some of them on my 50th birthday vacation. Wish me luck!


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