Palm Sunday, Just a Bit Lonely

It’s Palm Sunday – a day to be alone, not normally, but today in the middle of a country-wide health crisis, to worship alone. Although, I am introverted from people, Family does not count! I have a deep desire to experience life with family members. Palm Sunday is one of those times, and this week leading up to Easter, my heart NEEDS to be with my family.To make loneliness more stressful, sending my daughter into surgery next week for her C-Section, without me being there, is beyond a stress my heart feels like it can handle. I find myself finding excuses just to drive near the hospital, just to be a bit closer. Thank goodness, I will have McKoy (my grandson) staying with us, and to love on, while his mommy is bringing his new sibling into this world.

During this lonely time, more than ever, I knew I needed to worship on this Palm Sunday. To gain hope. To gain reassurance. To remember God will be there with Katie and with Kyle when they bring their child into this world during a bit of a scary time. So, I logged onto a worship service out of Kansas City this morning. Everybody is doing the best they can in these times, however I needed more than a pastor sitting in an office talking to a camera. I needed music. I needed Communion. I needed Bible Stories. I needed a message about Hosanna. I needed to not feel so lonely as I worshiped alone.

And just as God always does, He lets my vulnerability happen so I am more open to His plan, His message. I am sitting in my favorite chair, singing along to the church service feeling a bit lonely. And boom!….On the screen is my Godson, my nephew, playing the guitar, singing the same hymn of praise that I am singing. I found my voice through my tears, thanked the Lord for giving me what I needed just when I needed.

I worshiped with my family, my nephew, my Godson. I did not see Nick the rest of the service until the end. And just like that, Nick helped prepare the cross for the closing of the church service, once again helping me to feel a part of my family, and more importantly of God’s Family.

And in that moment, I was reminded that Katie & Kyle will be surrounded with God’s Family when she gives birth. I will be surrounded with God’s Family across the world celebrating Easter morning. And God will be there to author my day, even when I feel alone, to give me just what I need at that moment.

Nick Palm Sunday Worship
Nick, my nephew and Godson, is the guitar player in the back.

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