Authoring a Sunday

I promised myself I would fill the house with music today. No TV, no movies, and just see where the day, a rainy, dreary day, would take me… and Jax. Should I paint a door? Prep my notebook or a speech for Toastmasters? Laundry? Dishes? A Sunday afternoon nap? The day ended up being almost all of that until I went to delete junk mail from my Inbox. I had clicked ‘delete all’ and was about to hit ‘yes’ when I saw ‘Chip Gaines’. He had sent me an email. I moved his email to Inbox and deleted the rest.

When I opened the email, it was an invitation to submit an entry for ChipStarter 2.0. I had made a video last year for his first contest to help people set a goal and realize a dream. I must have made an email list, but was surprised as no junk mail had previously came in the last 12 months from Chip (Yes, the guy on the hit show Fixer Upper). Definitely, this had to be a “God Thing”.

My Sunday home alone is now a work-on-the-dream day, a research day, a video production day, and maybe even a little photo shoot with Jax in between the thunderstorms. My video entry – my goal/my dream – is to publish a series of children’s books I’ve been writing based on Jax’s life. I had called a publisher a couple weeks ago, and had not heard back and was feeling a little discouraged on this dream. The ChipStarter 2.0 contest is just the little hope, the little nudge from God that says “keep going Tammy”, keep authoring the books, keep dreaming, keep trusting Me that I’m authoring this day for you, for I have a greater PURPOSE in all of this!

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